We improve your production efficiency

And add value to your products

Through our innovative Formula

At the right time via our R&D Department
We provide the best products to our customers
Experience and R&D Background
Dynamic Staff
Leading and Innovative Solutions
We produce the right products to the right customers at the right time.

We work hard in order to make better chemistry day by day. With our experienced R&D team, dynamic staff, customer-oriented sales consultants and two production facilities, we aim to be the right business partner for you.

We are Aware
As CRN Chemical Company, we are aware of our responsibilities. We believe that the solution lie within science and we are working to unravel it.
None of the resources are unlimited in any part of the world. No living being can survive without environmental compatibility.
We love nature and we care deeply for its sustainability.

Every Color is Beautiful, Every Color is Chemistry

Chemistry can only be done by excitement, curiosity and persistence. Chemistry and all other science branches have occurred from our single basic instinct; curiosity. Throughout history, mankind has always been amazed at the sight of nature and tried to understand its environment. Mankind has understood nature through research and has become more curious as he understood more.
From Faraday, who started with binding books and improved himself to be the man that made today’s life possible for all of us, to Madame Curie who lost her life for science, and from her to C.C. Petterson who fought to stop the use of leaded gasoline for our sake , many scientist actually started out with nothing but a pursuit of a childish instinct. This instinct and thirst is one of the sole sentiments that all humans share. We feel indebted to thank all scientists who pursue their curiosity and make today’s life and working stream possible.